9 thoughts on “Live Below The Line 2013 – In Pictures

    • Bridget says:

      Love these new recipes from your most recent challenge; I agree that you managed to come up with a menu plan that was improved on your previous one. I’m planning on doing the LBTL challenge here in Australia, and would love to use your shopping list and menu plan ideas for some inspiration for my own challenge, although we can’t get some of the items you managed to for as cheaply unfortunately.

      Lemon curd here is about $4 a jar and we get to spend $10 total, so if I got that and some sausages that would be the whole amount gone on those two items alone with needing to buy vegetarian sausages, so might incorporate some butter beans in place of the sausages?

      I’ve been going through and have managed to track down all the pages for days 1 through to 6, but can’t see a post anywhere for day 7, so I’m figuring the bowl that you’re holding with the risotto and kidney bean balls was from that day? If you could put up day 7 at some stage that would be great!

      Well done, very inspiring!

  1. Lynn says:

    hey Jack, don’t know if it is just me/my computer, but the last two posts’ pictures are all wonky…Just thought I’d let you know.

      • Lynn says:

        ah, good I caught your attention. not computer savy myself, but i bet it is an easy fix.


        Congratulations on the challenge…Well done.

      • tgroom57 says:

        If you are using a lot of pictures -or plan to – you might consider uploading them to your flickr account and using the link from flickr in wordpress. I found that an easier way to work them into wordpress, and the pictures are hosted online. That way, for instance, your pictures above would just repeat the flickr links, not have to be uploaded a second time to wordpress.

  2. Ingy says:

    Thought they were really “arty” photos you were going to do to illustrate the distorting effects hunger can have…😉

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