Super-Express Portable Porridge

If you are looking for an extra quick breakfast recipe for your family, you have found it. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, add boiling water and enjoy.

Super-Express Portable Porridge

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Serving Size: 8


  • 250 g oats
  • 100 g dried skimmed milk
  • 60 g sultanas
  • Cinnamon (optional)
  • Vanilla (optional)


  1. Place the oats, skimmed milk and sultanas in a medium saucepan. Add boiling water (1:3 porridge to water) and let it sit covered for 5-10 minutes. Stir well before serving.
  2. You may add sugar, cinnamon or vanilla to your taste.
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