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Jack Monroe (MsJackMonroe)

Anti-poverty campaigner for Oxfam and Child Poverty Action Group. Guardian columnist. Great British Chefs blogger. Freelance in Indy Voices and Huffington Post. Sky Sunrise sofa-surfer. In other words, pop up everywhere! :)

Cat out of bag time…

Just a quick post to share some super exciting news that I’ve been hugging to my ample chest for the past couple of weeks: THERE’S DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A […]
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Lazarus pesto.

Yesterday, we had a large black bunch of mint in the fridge, some sticky soggy parsley and a clump of basil that had seen better days. Add to that a […]
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Make-me-better morning mug.

Scratchy throat, simultaneous blocked and runny nose, muggy head, general air of malaise? Yeah, that was me this morning… So in a bid to banish the heavy cold feeling, I […]
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On a recent trip to Tanzania, I came across dagaa in almost every household I visited. We’d often eat tiny fish with stewed greens, home-ground peanut butter and ugali (soft […]
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Love marmalade.

What do you do when you have an abundance of oranges in the house and a Saturday morning to kill? Christened ‘Love Marmalade’ – it certainly was a labour, but […]
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Stuffed cabbage leaves.

This is my take on Greek dolmades. I first had stuffed vine leaves at my grandad’s guesthouse in Southend, and deeply regret not pilfering his recipe before he passed away. […]
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Faced with a leftover hunk of beef last night to stretch between two grown women with fairly healthy appetites, I started making bolognese, changed my mind and wanted bourgignon, and […]
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Valentine, Carol Ann Duffy.

Just because, this is one of my favourite pieces of writing. For love, for food, for words. From ‘Rapture’ by Carol Ann Duffy. Not a red rose or a satin […]

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