Pickling leftover veg.

Here’s something I do a lot, like my juicing-without-a-blender post last week, that I do so regularly and unthinkingly that I didn’t realise I’d never written about it on my blog! This is where all the soft or sad or straggly vegetables end up that aren’t juicing material. Like the Mooli I bought last week […]
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It’s Only Words: On trolls, free speech, and the last few days.

Before you read this I should clarify that I am not back on my Twitter account. My blog and Instagram accounts both automatically link to it and publish new posts, so this may publish on my account but I am not going to access it to delete it, because I have deleted the app and […]
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Green juice-without-a-juicer, 45p

    With the events of the last two days, I have mostly been eating toast. When I’m down, or life goes a bit wrong, I retreat from the kitchen – I find it very hard to cook or be creative or even taste things properly when my head is off-balance. And so I mostly eat […]
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This Is England 02: Ramen-ish, 77p

   Over the last few months I have been introduced to the wonders of London’s ramen bars by my lovely foodie friend Chriss, often when I’m in need of a pick me up, on of those days that can best be summed up like this:     And the first time we went, I forget where […]
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Whoa F*ck Dressing, 7p

This came about as most of my favourite things do, with a musing to myself about something I’d eaten recently and a wonder if I could recreate something like it. The ‘something’ in this case was a jar of Tonkotsu’s ‘Eat The Bits’ chilli oil given to us by Emma Reynolds of Tonkotsu fame, but […]
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Three day beef stock, 12p

First, a disclaimer about the perceived profligacy of a three day stock: this was accidental, as I am a busy and unorganised soul. On Tuesday when I decided to make beef stock from the forerib bones and scraps of beef left from Sunday’s lunch, I didn’t imagine it would be a half-week affair. I started […]
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Microwave mini egg hot chocolate


This Is England 01: PIZZA.

First up in celebrating our multi-cultural foodie society, is the great Italian classic, pizza. For those of you so deeply ingrained in patriotism that you have never had, enjoyed or endorsed a pizza, you are missing out. The act of covering a fermented bread with toppings and cheese in fact goes back as far as […]
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This Is England (A ‘f***-you UKIP cooking series)

Shit son, food just got political again. I’ve been in a sort of personal hell lately, hence the sudden blog-silence and absence of any recipes lately, and I hope my wonderful readers will forgive me that. I don’t want to talk about it. I just vanished for a bit, and now I’m back. Anyway, this […]
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My Favourite St Patrick’s Day Recipes

Top of the MORNING to ya! I love St Patrick’s Day, me, and not just because of my Irish mother and her large and characterful Irish family, but because it’s also my BIRTHDAY. And how wonderful it is to walk into the pub on my birthday and be greeted with an Irish band singing Chieftains […]
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