Sorry I’ve been quiet lately….here’s some exciting news!

So I blinked and suddenly it had been two weeks since I’d written anything at all on my blog. TWO WEEKS. Which is fairly unprecedented since I started this whole thing in February 2012 or thereabouts.

But I’m BACK, hello! And I have some news that I think is fairly exciting so I’m just going to get on with it and say, er, I’m going to Glastonbury this year to talk about politics and stuff with Billy Bragg on stage, and rumour has it we might sing a little song together too…


So if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to Glasto this year, pop down to the Left Field stage on Friday and say hello – and if you’re forgoing the mud and canvas and wellies, they might show it on the old telly box. I wouldn’t hold your breath though, I’m not exactly Hazel O Connor. Or Blondie. Et cetera. But woohoo! Glasto!


Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

31 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been quiet lately….here’s some exciting news!

  1. Nooooooo! Don’t tell me that to see you I’m going to have to ‘slum’ it with the monied middle classes who attend Glasto?! I’m a local and we despise them and their BMW X3’s. Are you doing anything in the local area aside from that while you’re down?

    p.s. massive MASSIVE fan of Billy Brag. Especially his ‘Sexuality’ duet with Kirsty Maccoll.

  2. Kudos. now working for a charity that a foodbank is part of, would love to see you cook for us from a food parcel, you will be happy to know that I am now adding spices and herbs to the parcel as well as shower gel and loo roll as we need to offer dignity as well as food

    • My monthly bag for the food bank now consists of non food items, after reading the comments elsewhere on Jack’s blog -looroll, shower gel, shampoo, tampons/ pads , toothpaste,deodorant. If Im feeling flush, washing powder.Not much and only value brands because pennies are tight for me too but hate the thought that on top of being hungry and having the indignity of having to use a food bank, that a family couldn’t even have a wash or send their kids to school looking and smelling fresh.

      • Are you coming to Camp Bestival? Was so hoping to listen to you in the Literary Tent!!:-)

  3. Brilliant! From one Essex girl to another have a great time (with the same initials!) Have a great time spreading the message.

  4. I agree, very exciting news and any way of getting the message spread about food banks and why they’re needed can’t be a bad thing. You have a great time, hope your voice is in better shape than when you busked in Camden! Love it that you are now buddies with Billy Bragg -don’t you wish you could go back and tell your 2012 self that it’d all be OK?

  5. I thought I’d lost my connection to your blog. I see now that things in the background are, of necessity, taking time. Thanks for not taking an intern on to run the blog!

  6. Fair play Jack, and I think that’s a good enough excuse for not blogging! I have missed your updates though, so am looking forward to normal service being resumed soon!!! Can’t make Glasto this year, but hope the crowd appreciate you as much as we all do!! Enjoy, love and peace Dx

  7. Not posted owt on your blog in 2 weeks? Well not as bad as me who hasn’t posted anything in three months! But then I don’t write for a living either…

    Anyway, all the best with Glasto and I might just be popping it on the telly to have the odd look… not too sure about the music mind you as it ain’t my thing.

  8. Fantastic – enjoy your day – if you are in the Croissant Neuf ( 4pm Sunday) or Bimble Inn ( Midniight Friday) vicinity and feel like a boogie to a great festival band – then check out Will and the People ( WATP) who will uplift you with their infectious vibe!

  9. You have done more to highlight and combat food poverty than anyone else I can think of…you do ‘real’ and not celebrity. Hold your head up, girl, you;’re every bit as good as Blondie and Hazel. I bet you can sing too, so have a great weekend!

  10. Girlfriend Allegra has been a hero of mine ever since her first book. Funnily enough it happens to be standing side-by-side with yours on my nookshelf … So happy for both of you

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