It’s one thing being asked to go on BBC Question Time as the token ‘non politician’ that they like to throw in to mix things up again – it’s another thing entirely making your QT debut on election night, and being seated between the deputy chair of UKIP and a senior Conservative MP.

Anyway, I won’t spoil the surprises: you can watch the episode here:



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24 thoughts on “BBC QUESTION TIME

  1. I thought you acquitted yourself very well. You’re not a politician – just honest and that showed. Well done!

  2. Thought you were great on QT. Very intelligent, entertaining and relateable :)
    I’m 23 and about to get married and am thinking of course about settling down. But similarly to you my instincts are making me want a HOME for my family that I can put my own stamp on and cherish for years to come. I’m not interested in a soulless PROPERTY that makes me unhappy as I cannot afford the repayments I have to pay each month for my entire working life. Living happily with your family or alone should be something working people can look forward to. A regular person’s dream of living happily somewhere shouldnt be something so out of reach in a country with so much money floating around. We just want to make the best of our situation like everyone else.

  3. Your a star. Fantastic performance and some very difficult points for the current government to justify, particular the right to by fiasco. Whatever you do don’t become an MP an become nullified by the Westminster ‘club’.

  4. Well done Jack-sincere and clear. The audience response to you was joyous. All the best to you and your family.

  5. Jack, Ive read your story from start to finish. I so very much hope you would stand to be an MP. I would certainly vote for you. You relate to so many people and how we are having to live or attempt to. You were brilliant on the panel. I’m not impressed by wealth or status or power so never think you did not justify your place.

  6. Well done just watched it having fed my small boy (who didn’t get into any of our chosen primary schools) mackerel fish cakes. Lv the book too. I loathe QT but you acquitted yourself wonderfully. Keep up the good work. Watching you with admiration.

  7. Very impressive. Very well informed on all topics. Eminently sensible opinions expressed superbly and with humour. Much better than many professional politicians I have seen on Question Time.

  8. Yeah I wAtched I don’t like missing out heh I find a way awesome as usual every now and then I can still see myself sitting on the floor in despair I don’t know if that ever leaves you and the fact you’ve spoken about it …… I feel not so alone take care

  9. You were very impressive. I never knew about you, but after QT I will be reading your blog etc… Keep up the good work! Thanks.

  10. Jack, you were brilliant. The only person on the panel who managed to speak any sense regarding housing issues in the UK.

  11. Became familiar with you through this Question Time and thought you presented yourself as a reasonable, rational and grounded person with a great sense of humour and an honest opinion. You’re an inspiration. I may even try some of your recipes now! :D

  12. Me and my other half were clapping and cheering at what you were saying! We don’t normally get that response to QT in our household – more likely to be heard shouting at the TV! You made sense (as always) and continue to be our inspiration – and not just for food!!

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