For those of you missing the recipe updates, here’s this week’s Guardian recipe…


I first made this for myself as I love peanut butter in the mornings, but not having a toaster, popping bread under the grill inevitably goes wrong when you have a three year old to get washed and socked and shoed in the mornings – so I cobbled this together and bunged it in a big jar… Perfect with hot milk, or cold, or even pop it in the microwave for a minute for a warm, soft, stodgy, comforting start to your day…

There are endless variations to this too, just add butter in place of the peanut butter to hold your oats together (oo-er) and the possibilities are endless. I recommend adding dark chocolate, butter and honey, with toasted or ground almonds if the purse stretches… White chocolate and honey is good for the sweet-of-tooth, and milk chocolate and marmalade is similar to a famous round chocolate orange in a bright blue box… So, dieticians would probably tell you not to have this for breakfast every day, but I’m a grown up, and peanut butter, honey and oats is probably a sight healthier than tiny breakfast bars or sugary cereal. If you feel like erring on the side of virtuous, chop a banana into it. There. :)

Makes 8 portions:

25g butter

4 tbsp peanut butter

4 tbsp honey

300g rolled porridge oats


First, preheat the oven to 180C.

Melt the butter, peanut butter and honey together – either in a medium saucepan on a low heat for a minute or two, or in the microwave on full power for 30 seconds – and stir to combine.

Add the oats and mix well to coat then in the butter-peanut-honey mixture.

Lightly grease a baking tray and tip the granola onto it, gently flattening down with the back of a spoon to spread approximately 1cm thick. Bake in the centre of the oven for 15 minutes.

Remove and allow to cool, before transferring to an airtight container to store. It will keep for around 2 months.

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First published in the Guardian, 8th Jan 2014, and G2 magazine, 9th Jan 2014: For the original article, click here.

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  1. Well apparently it’s 241 calories per serving. Which strikes me as not bad at all, especially if you add some fruit and milk for a decent breakfast.

    I now know what I’m having for breakfast next week

  2. Definitely trying that! As a lover of anything peanut related I bought a jar of the peanut butter drink in Sainsburys while it was in special offer. It is gorgeous! An absolute must!

  3. Thanks, I’ve been looking for a granola recipe. My daughters had some expensive Danio breakfast pots which they loved. Even rolled back to 50p they were over priced. I was looking for something that they could add to a yoghurt. I’ve got the pure peanut type of peanut butter so it won’t be quite as cheap as yours.

  4. Sounds scrummy, will definitely be making some at the weekend with my kids :) and please do put up the recipe for your peanut hot choc….. Sounds divine!! X

  5. This looks great! How long of you think it would keep for in an airtight container please? I’ll eat anything so long as it’s not mouldy, but I try to be careful with what I give baby!

  6. drink sounds delicious – can’t wait for recipe. If Sainsbury’s is no longer your nearest supermarket then Lidl does cheap but good quality chocolate in all colours!

  7. That’s the one. Not keen on white chocolate at all, do the other flavours disguise the taste of it? Otherwise I’ll give it a go! Keep up the fab work you do..:-D

  8. I’m a huge fan, love the recipe and so pleased to see you offering alternatives to the big breakfast cereal con Jack… it’s a big crusade of mine.

  9. Is good, have made some and will be trying it out on my son tomorrow morning with a few curls of chocolate in it – his favourite cereal is country crisp which is a rare treat if its on special! This is some what cheaper :-) It reminds me of the coating I do for popcorn sometimes (melted butter, brown sugar and golden syrup. Toss popped corn in it and bake. Allow to cool and you have something similar to butterkist)! This topping on popcorn, peanut popcorn, it could work :-)

  10. Just made this…….it’s fab, having four constantly hungry children between 15-22 it’s good to find something they all all like that doesn’t cost an arm and and a leg! Thanks Jack.

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  12. I made this recipe last weekend and really love it. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also really filling. There was one morning when I ate a small bowl of it at 6h15 and wasn’t hungry again until after 13h30, which is pretty good going. I think this one is set to become a staple in our house.

    • This is lovely. Another one to try is mixing it with a couple of spoons of spoons of honey some mixed seeds and some cinnamon / ginger. Also sometimes put some dried fruit / raisins in the finishes mixed. Must say Jack’s reckon us v moreish!

  13. Just found this and it’s in the oven right now. It’s a sort of flapjacky recipe, isn’t it? I added a bit of mixed spice to it, just because . . . Thanks, Jack, it will make a change from the usual.
    J x

  14. Jack, thanks very much for this really cool recipe. My little boy and I just made it this afternoon and it tasted amazing. Much tastier and better value than the supermarket alternative and even better when it’s still warm!

  15. This is currently in the oven. I accidentally used less oats (200g instead of 300g) but it still seemed so dry I melted more PB & honey. Might double liquid next time and make flapjack/breakfast bars. Smells divine!

  16. Just made this because i’ve ran out of cereal and didn’t fancy porridge. Turned out great and i had everything in the cupboards so very cheap to make seeing as a bag can set you back £3 odd. Can’t wait to try different flavours. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. I’ve got this in the oven now but instead of peanut butter i’ve got hazlenut butter that I bought on a whim and can’t eat on toast etc (the texture is far too squeaky on my teeth). It tasted amazing before I stuck in in to cook so high hopes for it coming out. I only used 3 tbsp of honey and a wee dash of vegetable oil in it too :D

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  19. I have been making a batch of this every week for about a month its my absolute favourite breakfast with a sprinkling of chocolate chips.

  20. Love this recipe. Split it into two lots, one remained true to Jack’s recipe but to the other added some flaked almonds prior to cooking and some finely chopped dates and apricots after – all three small amounts left over from a tagine recipe. This will be another addition to my home-made pressie repertoir. Love this blog. Always inspired.

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  22. Just put mine in the oven. I used macadamia butter because I have some at home (I keep my peanut butter on my desk at work!) and added some chia seeds.
    Not sure why anyone would say this isn’t good for you – it’s oats! Thanks for the lovely idea.

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