Earthy Red Wine and Mushroom Soup, 24p per portion*

Given that mushrooms are one of my staple products, I wanted to make a simple mushroom soup. It’s one of the things I craved while doing my Live Below The Line challenge, and while there’s still barely a hint of summer, I thought I could still get away with it… This wasn’t what I set out to do, but given the success of the red wine and mushroom risotto, I thought I’d see how it would translate into soup…and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Simple will have to wait, because this is fit to be served in any self respecting restaurant. If I do say so myself.


Earthy Red Wine and Mushroom Soup, 24p per portion*

Ingredients (makes two portions)*

150g mushrooms, 30p
Half an onion, 3p
1 clove of garlic, 3p
Handful of thyme, free
30ml red wine, 10p
1 vegetable stock cube, made into 300ml stock, 2p


1. Gently clean any excess earth from the mushrooms with a clean tea towel.

2. Break into pieces by hand (I much prefer to break mushrooms up than to slice them, I don’t imagine it adds anything different to the finished product but I just prefer to!)

3. Add to a saucepan with the stock, chopped thyme, chopped onion and crushed garlic.

4. Bring to the boil, then reduce down to a simmer.

5. Simmer for 20 minutes, then remove from the heat and pulse in a blender.

6. Serve with extra chopped thyme, or a dusting of hard strong cheese for an extra dimension.

To make it go further, you could add a carton of chopped tomatoes, or a chopped potato, or both…

I’m going to have one portion for my lunch tomorrow, and add one portion to some lentils, as a pasta sauce… :-)

*Ingredients costed on the Asda range, Smart Price where available. Wine is Three Mills Red Wine, £2.50/750ml. Prices correct at time of publication and may vary at other major supermarkets.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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18 thoughts on “Earthy Red Wine and Mushroom Soup, 24p per portion*

  1. Had a go at making sausage burgers: 500gr pack of sausages skinned,mixed with onion,grated carrot.,finely chopped red pepper(fried in a spot of oil for a few minutes),two tins red kidney beans,chopped coriander, one finely chopped red chili,cumin,paprika,salt and pepper. This made fourteen big burgers–one would be enough.They went into the freezer after keeping enough for dinner. Tasted good with sweet potato mash. I would put a healthy dose of garlic into the burgers next time: I meant to but forgot!

  2. Apropos of the Red wne and mushroom risotto which I enjoyed making this weekend – vegan daughter visiting – I used reduced to 10p pcket of mushrooms ( Tesco Friday late afternoon – a good time to shop) and at the end threw in cheapo packet of spinach + large handful of parsley. It was delicious!
    Thought you might like to know!.

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  4. I think putting it in a recipe like this is probably the only thing worth doing with Three Mills red wine. If anyone has ever tried drinking the stuff they will know what I mean…

    This soup sounds like something I could easily have and sounds quite nice. Might try it…

  5. If anyone doesn’t want to drink the rest of a bottle of wine but needs some for a recipe – you can always freeze the rest in an ice cube tray – it means it doesn’t go to waste and you have some ready next time a recipe needs some wine.

  6. Enjoyed your mushroom soup recipe last night for supper – hubby loved it! Have added it to my cookbook, definitely a staple for our home. Keep up good work, Tammy x

  7. Hey Jack, making this – my FIRST JACK RECIPE! – as we speak, but just to let you know, it doesnt say when to stick the vino in. (I used to do this with my friend’s baking blog too, she called me her chief recipe tester!). I just chucked it in with everything else – fingers crossed! Love ya work x

  8. Added some roasted garlic and a splash of cream, and this soup was just divine. I want to make it for everybody!

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  10. Was panicking earlier because I had some dregs of red left to use and can’t afford meat this month – remembered this recipe! Tastes incredible, thanks Jack!

  11. Just this for tea, unseasonal but delicious. Missed out red wine as only have good bottles. Your recipes are easy to follow and cheap. Married to a chef who can go through the cupboards and make tasty meals but I need help. Looking forward to book arriving tomorrow.

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