Jardaloo Ma Murghi (Curry With Apricots) 22p

Jardaloo Ma Murghi (Curry With Apricots) 87p for 4 portions, or 22p each.

This is my favourite curry, my go to, my easy but perfect comfort food. I used to make this with turkey, which at £1.75 for a 600g drumstick would serve four people easily (pre-roast the drumstick and just peel it off the bone), or do as I do now, and make it with chickpeas instead. Which makes it deliciously, wholesomely vegan.



100g dried chickpeas, 22p (£1.09/500g)
1 onion, 5p (part of a 1.25kg veg pack avg 20 pieces)
1 clove garlic, 3p (2 bulbs for 46p, avg 8 cloves each)
1 carton chopped tomatoes, 31p
5 apricots/1/3 of a 411g can, 20p (59p/411g)
Fresh coriander, free (window ledge)
Vegetable stock cube, 2p (15p for 10)
Shake of cumin, 2p (80p/46g jar)
1 chilli, free (window ledge)
Splash of vegetable oil, 2p (£4.50/3 litres)

How To:

First, pop your chickpeas in a bowl of cold water to soak, either overnight or first thing in the morning. They need at least 8 hours soaking time!


1. Drain your chickpeas and rinse them vigorously to get rid of the stagnant water that they’ll have been sitting in.

2. Pop them in some fresh water in a saucepan, and bring to the boil. Boil rapidly for a good ten minutes to boil out any toxins. (This sounds over cautious but believe me it’s necessary!)

3. Meanwhile, peel and finely chop the onion and garlic, and finely chop the chilli. Add to a saucepan with a splash of oil and a shake of cumin, and cook gently on a low heat. Allow the onions to ‘sweat’, not brown. If they burn, the burnt taste will permeate through your whole curry. If they sweat, they will add a delicious sweetness.

4. Chop the apricots into small chunks and add to the onion/garlic/chilli mixture with any juice from the can. Put the rest of the apricots in a bowl, cover and pop in the fridge to snack on, or make something else with tomorrow (recipes naturally to follow, seeing I have done just this!)

5. By this time, the chickpeas should have vigorously boiled all of their toxins out! Reduce down to a simmer.

6. Pour the chopped tomatoes over the apricots and onions, and add finely chopped coriander and
a crumbled stock cube and stir in.

7. Reduce the heat to a low setting, and allow to cook gently for at least 30 minutes. This thickens the sauce and melds the flavours together – if chopped finely enough, the onions will disappear as they thicken the sweet spicy sauce. You may need to add a cup of water to the sauce if it starts to thicken too much.

8. Drain and rinse the chickpeas and tip into the sauce. Stir through.

9. Serve! Can be served with rice (40p for 1kg bag = 3p per 75g portion* put on to boil 20 minutes before serving).

It’s also absolutely delicious cold the next day in a pitta bread for lunch…

Keeps in the fridge for two to three days, and freezes well, if there’s any left!

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

*(All prices quoted are Sainsburys or Sainsburys Basics where available, correct at time of publication. Costs checked against ASDA SmartPrice, Tesco Value, Morrisons Value and Waitrose Essentials ranges. Some variation between spermarkets but most items widely available at similar prices.)

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87 thoughts on “Jardaloo Ma Murghi (Curry With Apricots) 22p

  1. I love your recipes and i’ve been looking for a good veggie curry. Thanks. I would also be really grateful if sometime, when you have time to post about your window herbs. I’ve had some before and they tend to die, go limp etc. any tips would be ate fully received.

  2. looks yummy, will be giving that a go later this week I feel :) Although will cheat with tinned chickpeas cos that’s what I’ve got, or maybe even butter beans as on special in tesco at moment, and I love them almost as much as chickpeas :)

  3. Looks *very* good, Jack – thanks, will try it out.

    Just, oh, by the by – there was a letter to your school cookery teacher? The link doesn’t appear to work … and can’t find it on your site. Just me being …. not clever enough to find it?

  4. I made this for dinner tonight. It was delicious! I added chicken to mine, as had some to use up. I had thought I’d made enough for tomorrow, but my housemates and I all had seconds – a rare thing in our house!

  5. Had a little panic this morning, tax credits have been dropped by £170, we are a working low income working family of 6, the only place to ‘find’ the difference is in the food budget, so after a few tears Ive decided to use you as my inspiration and stop feeling sorry for myself. Thank you Jack and best wishes to you and the small boy. x

    • Hi Amy,
      I’m sorry to hear this but glad to be of some use. I’ve been contacted all morning by people who have seen their tax credits cut with no warning – I don’t know what’s going on but am dreading my next lot :( I have no corners left to cut! X

  6. im dreading the changes to tax credits too i shall know more next thursday. I hate this time of year because all the new bills come in and they always go up but the income doesn’t go up to match. This is my 7th year of juggling bills around one wage.

  7. Cooked this last night. Didn’t have any apricots so used peaches instead. Made enough for two days but finished the lot – delicious!

  8. Hi Jack,

    I’ve made two of your recipes this week (this one and the smoked cheese, leek and Savoy pasta); both absolutely delicious (although substituted Cheddar for smoked cheese in the latter), served as great packed lunches the following day and even the little fussy britches liked them.

    All the best,


  9. Go for it, we will be watching on t.v. In the morning. You will be brilliant!!!

    Love from your fans in the I.O.M.

    Deirdre Berriff.

  10. Here’s an idea to save on fuel bills. I soak a whole packet of dried chickpeas overnight and cook them all at once, then freeze them. I put them in a large plastic bag and lay them out in the freezer as much as possible; then when they are frozen I drop the bag on the floor and they become free-flow! I do the same with kidney beans and I’m just trying mung beans. Will be trying your recipes after seeing you on BBC this morning. Thanks for the new ideas.

    • Helen, that is such a brilliant inspired idea! I cooked chickpeas today for this recipe and was thinking its a lot of fuel spent just cooking the chickpeas, so cooking a whole bag in me go the freezing is great fuel saving, and then makes it worth buying dried pulses. I’m definitely going to do this from now on. Hope jack puts this tip in her book as it will definitely encourage people to buy dried pulses then!

  11. I just came across your blog for the first time. You are awesome. I am so impressed by your grace, eloquence and resourcefulness. Well done!

  12. Hilda Masey – re: your comments about Jack never acing experienced real life as she is clearly subsisted and ignorant of real prices. Seriously??!! Have you even read this blog and Jack’s story? I just cannot believe your negativity and condescension, it is simply astounding. This blog is the outcome of someone experiencing extremely tough times and responding to it in a practical way. You sound very bitter.

  13. Good morning Jack.

    Could I ask the carton size of the chopped tomatoes? Could tinned tomatoes or Passata be used instead? Would it be ok to use tinned chickpeas in water if I can’t find dried?

    Looking forward to cooking this!!

    Thank you :-)

    • Hiya, it’s a 400g carton of chopped tomatoes, tinned ones would be fine as long as they don’t have any weirdy bits added like herbs etc that might throw it all off kilter… Passata would be fine too but I’d use less of it, as it’s runnier.

      • Hi Jack, I’m a newcomer to your site (and an ex Echo employee!)- really love it. One question – would you boil tinned chickpeas prior to usage, or can I just chuck them in the pan? Thanks!

  14. Going to have this for dinner tonight. Your recipes all look amazing. I’ve got to say seeing you on bbc on Saturday was a real inspiration. Good to know I can go to your blog for food ideas when bills and other problems swallow any money I have!

  15. Another beautiful recipe, thank you. I can’t wait for you to publish a book with them all in :)
    It was nice to have the leftover apricots for pudding too!

  16. Made this last night. This is the best curry I have ever had! I had it with a bit of cous cous and half a mini coriander naan – yum yum :-) Looking forward to your book…

  17. I made this for us tonight (a family of 4) and my son had 2 bowlful a and daughter had 1 (she would have had more…but by the time she had finished there was none left!). It was absolutely delicious!!!

  18. Delicious, thank you! And very best wishes for your continuing struggle. I’m currently on a £3/day grocery budget (including cleaning stuff, etc.) so I’m beginning to think it was a godsend finding you.

  19. I have been so impressed by the experience I’ve had following your recipes so far (ask my friends… I can’t stop talking about it!) my weekly food shop cost was not only slashed but provided me with so much more than a week’s worth of food… I am a veggie (and a poor student) and rely heavily on fresh veg… which is great, but means that my food stock has usually run out about 4 days into the week, this week I’ve barely made a dent in it, I’m going to have a night off your recipes tomorrow and eat up other fresh things in my fridge which are in danger of going off (which never happens) and I have felt satisfied, healthy and full every night that I’ve followed your recipes (I’ve had 2 nights of kidney bean/carrot burger and 2 nights of this delicious curry so far). Can’t wait to select my recipes for next week!

  20. I came across your blog whilst reading the Daily Mail today. I think you’re a truly inspirational young woman. I had, genuinely no idea people (with children) are forced to live like this.

    I feel fortunate of my life, but also very humbled about the amount of food waste we probably have in our house.

    Whilst I can’t promise to try and feed the 4 of us so cheaply, I will definitely be buying your book, I will endeavour to work harder to ensure our food waste is minimal and I am going to investigate donating food to a food bank.

    Good luck Jack. Your little boy has a mummy to be proud of.

    • Now, THAT, made me cry! Sad that people are really so unaware of the plight of others, but wonderfully cheering that once they are made aware (and the press really needs to start telling the truth about this) they are so willing to try to do something about it!

  21. Hi Jack thanks for your recipes, definately going to try this one. Dont know if i can buy supermarket brands though,i would love to be able to go into the supermarket and fill my trolley with all the good priced supermarket brands.At the moment i can usually squeeze a couple into my trolley, any tips for breaking through that phsycological barrier of the feeling everyones looking at me or i might bump into a guy from work or a family member and then those thoughts will run through my head of them thinking that i,m skint and struggling,

  22. I also came across your site reading the mail and feel it is going to be my families god send. We seem to have also fallen on hard times – we don’t look to be badly off but that couldn’t be further from the truth.. I have 9p to feed my family for the next 10 days. I will be throwing together every ingredient I have in my cupboard to fill up by 2 yr old and husband… These recipes might just help us through. Thanks xx

  23. Taking this back to the US when I leave the UK in a few months.
    I’d love to see your weekly shopping lists!
    Cheers on a brilliant blog!

  24. this sounds really lovely, but apart from your shake of cumin it doesn’t really seem like a curry.

      • Hi Jack

        I’ve got all the above spices you’ve mentioned in our cupboards and am planning to make this curry on Wednesday. Is there anyway you could add, in the comments, the quantities of the other spices? We like spicy food in our family!


  25. Well done, you have really inspired me to save some money on my food bill. I am going to start off by trying a couple of your recipes each week. Gonna start with the Jardaloo curry and the Chickpea burgers :-)

  26. I made this last night & amended the spices. I added 1tsp of both cumin & coriander powder, 1/2 tbsp on mustard seeds & an equal amount of fresh root ginger & garlic (4 tiny cloves). I also had to use dried apricots as I didn’t have any tinned ones so added a bit of Aldis’ white grape & peach juice which we had in the fridge in place of the apricot juice. It was lovely & will be come a regular now. Thanks very much :)

  27. This was absolutely delicious. I doubled the recipe. Used two tins of chickpeas (because i didnt have dried) and a dsp of value curry powder instead of chilli. Feed 7 of us with a bit left over for my lunch following day.

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  29. Absolutely delicious! I added 1 desert spoon of curry powder, as I don’t have any chillis. Think this will be a regular on the menu in our house from now on!!

  30. I’d just like to say, your recipes are fantastic, and we should ignore all these whingers going on about food prices being wrong etc. Your blog is about how much it cost YOU to make a certain dish, not how much it will cost the person making it! Can’t wait to give this a try, keep at it- I love all the vegan recipes you post c:

  31. In relation to what chris asked Chris there’s nothing like being yourself let “people” Think what they will the least of our worrys should be trying to be perfect the good old image thing lol :)

  32. Just had this and it was lovely. I used a tin of chickpeas for two of us and added ground coriander, a teaspoon of the cumin and curry powder. Served it with brown basmati rice and mango chutney. Yum!

  33. I have made this 4 times now, each time adding/substituting something. First, i subbed the chickpeas for kidney beans, the second time i added a handful of red lentils (REALLY delicious addition!), and then the 3rd time i added some chopped up veg (lurking at the bottom of the fridge). Each time it has been delicious!
    I have to admit that i had never considered using tinned apricots in a meal, and the idea seemed slightly..umm..mad (Sorry Jack) when i first saw the recipe. But now its one of my favourite meals. I serve it with home made nann bread, or rice, or cous cous.

  34. Hi Jack, I just read about you on the daily mail and thought I would have a peek at your blog. You are also on wordpress, like me, so I am going to start following you and making some of your recipes, starting with this. I find it quite strange that we have a similar style and our blogs read quite similarly… A kindred spirit maybe? I think your recipes are a lot more frugal than some of mine, so I am going to try some of yours and see if I can save some money. My batch of 20 portion chilli gets a lot of laughs from my housemates and friends, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Living in London on a budget isn’t easy… but it can be if you have a few handy, cheap, delicious recipes up your sleeve and a herb garden growing on your window sill. I do and I LOVE mine. I don’t know where I would be without it. I ventured into writing a few recipes for the ‘below the line’ challenge, but it was very difficult, you really have to shop around. Your blog is inspirational, thank you for taking the time to write it and share it with the world… gems x

  35. I made this last night for myself and the OH and it was absolutely lovely. I was doubly chuffed as the OH is one of those ‘no meat not a meal’ types – but he was stuffed! I added rice and half a na’an bread, and some garam massala to the curry. Delicious recipe! Will be making again :)

  36. We had this for tea tonight. My children 3 and 5 years loved it. In fact they love every recipe I have made from your blog which is amazing as normally meal times are a nightmare. Every time I have make one of your recipes they sit still and just eat. We aren’t hard up but we are really inspired by your story and outlook. We are spending more time thinking about what we buy, how we cook it and preventing waste. We are saving money which is great as we can treat ourselves in other ways and can continue to support our local foodbank. Thanks Jack.

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  38. Reblogged this on isitjustmewhothinksthisway and commented:
    This young woman is inspirational and I applaud her on every level. However, just wondering why so many of her recipes call for tinned veg and not fresh? I am embarrassed that I do not know the price differential. Am going to find out more about this.

  39. I’ve made this more than once now, and it’s great. Because I live on my own I freeze portions, and I found that the defrosted ones didn’t quite have the same apricot bite and sweetness. So second time round I added Sainsburys Basics Sultanas – 84p for 500g – and their sweetness really complemented the dish :)

  40. This is genius! Thanks Jack. I made it at 10pm when back from a weekend trip and had little food in – so mine consisted of tomato soup instead of tinned toms, dried apricots instead of tinned ones, and a very old chill. Was still delicious! Much appreciated :)

  41. Can’t believe how gorgeous this dish is, I did it for my dinner last night and can’t believe how yummy it was, I would never have thought of putting apricots and chickpeas together, this is defo one I will cook over and over again.

  42. I “found you” today after hearing you on Radio 4. We’re vegetarians on a budget (and husband doesn’t eat dairy but we can find substitutes) so a lot of your recipes are perfect for us. Thank you. You’re a modern day hero but I can appreciate you probably don’t feel like one especially when times are at their toughest. I am sure many people have found your blog at a time when they felt they had nowhere else to turn and I’m betting you’ve really helped them get something to eat on the table. Absolute best wishes to you Jack.

  43. wow ,just made this for my family, it was delicious, will try making it with beans because my husband has a big painful problem with chickpeas !!

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  45. I made this curry with the Turkey Drumstick (yes, the big one) and it’s lovely.

    I have to say that in general with your recipes the quantities are a little small for me. I’m a 6’2″ bloke and although I’m trying to lose weight I still like a decent portion. This particular recipe made two portions for me and when I calculated it out still came in at only 501 kCal per portion. Brilliant! :-)

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  47. Made this last night, although added garam masala, chilli powder and ginger to give it more of a kick.

    You’re right, delicious cold in a pitta bread for my packed lunch today!

  48. Made this tonight, as usual with a few alterations to suit my cupboard (tinned chickpeas because I couldn’t find dried when I did my online shop, chilli powder not fresh, dollop of chilli sauce just in case, curry powder not cumin, fresh apicrots because i had some cheqp ones starting to wrinkle in the fridge, black pepper because no stock cubes, passata not chopped….). Most if not all the recipes on here are fairly quick to prepare and cook but even quick meals like this can be a struggle in our houses as we are always in late after doing our animals and then a child to get to bed. Tonight I cooked the onions and spices and then shoved everything into a le cruset. Lid on and and into the oven at 150 and 2 hours later when we got back the most delicious curry. Yum. I think I need a decent rice cooker now so that we can also put the rice on before we go out to do our animals.

  49. Hiya Jack. I make this a lot and take out the chicken stock and replace it with veggie because I’m vegetarian. I made this tonight and added a dollop of onion chutney to it as well as using onions and it gives it a lovely tangy taste. I thought I’d share it. Keep up the good work, I always feel excited when I see a new recipe.

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  52. A bit of cumin and a shake of chilli does not make a curry- it is spicing more akin to middle eastern and Turkish food. Very disappointed by most of your Indian inspired recipes.

    • Put a desert spoon of curry powder in then, like I do. Any recipe can be adapted to suit ones own personal taste. It’s really not rocket science!!!

  53. Looks fab, just got introduced to you by a friend who bought your book, and you are a true inspiration, thank You. you use alot of fresh coriander in your dishes which I LOVE, but am not good at growing it. would you use dried coriander to substitue? if so how much per handful of fresh? thank you again, you have been a fresh air to find!

  54. This is one of the most delicious things I have tasted! My little ones are super fussy – do you think it would still work with a can of baked beans instead of the chickpeas?!

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