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Mexican Chocolate, Chilli & Black Bean Soup, 25p

Mexican Chocolate, Chilli and Black Bean Soup, 99p. Serves 4 at 25p per portion. In a fit of organisation, I got up an hour early this morning to make myself some of this for my lunch. I’d popped the beans in cold water to soak for a chilli tonight, [...]
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Breakfast Sunshine Buns, 6p each

Breakfast Sunshine Buns – Pineapple, Carrot and Sultana) – 49p for 8 at 6p each. Ingredients:* 250g flour, 11p (65p/1.5kg) 1 sachet fast action dried yeast, 11p 30g sultanas, 6p (99p/500g) 1 carrot, 5p (part of a 1.25kg vegetable pack, £1) 1/2 [...]
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Earthy Red Wine & Mushroom Risotto, 36p.

Earthy Red Wine & Mushroom Risotto, Serves One. 36p. Still needing easy but comforting food with this cold, I decided to go for carbs and wine and goodness… I’ve never known anyone else to use red wine as a risotto base before – [...]
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Feisty Soup, 23p

Feisty Soup, 45p, makes two portions at 23p each. I made this for myself this afternoon as i’ve come down with an awful cold – I’ve not worked out if it’s the dreaded flu yet, but i’m shaky, exhausted and feeling generally [...]
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Sunshine Bread – Pineapple, Carrot & Sultana – 8 pennies

Sunshine Bread (Pineapple, Carrot and Sultana) – 49p for 6 pieces at 8p each Ingredients:* 250g flour, 11p (65p/1.5kg) 1 sachet fast action dried yeast, 11p 30g sultanas, 6p (99p/500g) 1 carrot, 5p (part of a 1.25kg vegetable pack, £1) 1/2 can [...]
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Gigantes Plaki, 17p.

Gigantes Plaki, serves 4 for 68p (17p per portion) Heading back to my Med roots with this simple but delicious dish, and I can have it for dinner, and lunch the next day, and pulse any leftovers into a soup. Enjoy! Ingredients:* 100g dried butter beans, 22p [...]
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Vegan On A Budget: PETA 20th March

Vegan On A Budget, PETA, 20th March.

Bubbles And Squeaks, 7p each.

Bubbles And Squeaks. Makes 10 bubble and squeak patties at 7p each, eat one or two or five, depending on how hungry you are. I was really hungry, so didn’t even get a picture of these. However I have half the mix left in the fridge for tonights [...]
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Carrot & Coriander Falafels, 23p.

Carrot and coriander falafels, 91p. Makes 12ish falafels, serves 4 at 23p each. Ingredients:* 3tbsp vegetable oil, 6p (£4.50/3l) 1 onion, 5p (£1/20pc veg bag) 400g can of chickpeas, 69p shake of cumin, 4p (95p/46g) 1 carrot, 5p (£1/20pc veg bag) parsley, [...]
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Vegetable Masala Curry, 30p.

Proper Vegetable Masala Curry, 89p, serves 3-4 at less than 30p each. This isn’t vegan. I tried but my pre-first-work-pay-packet budget just couldn’t stretch to £1.99 coconut milk versus 32p of natural yoghurt. I’ve failed my Lent [...]
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