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Quick Courgette & Mint Fritters, 18p.

Courgette and mint fritters with yoghurt dip. Makes 3 portions at 18p each. Plus sexy couscous (see below) at 8p = dinner for 26p. Bargainous.



1 courgette (weighed 160g), 29p (£1.80/1kg)
1 egg, 17p (99p for 6)
Handful of fresh mint, coriander and parsley, free (grows on my window ledge)
Heaped tablespoon or two of plain flour, for arguments sake lets call it 40g, 2p (65p/1.5kg)
50g natural yoghurt, 7p (65p/500g)

How to:

1. Finely grate the courgette into a large mixing bowl.

2. Chop the herbs and add most (three quarters) to the courgette. Set half aside for the yoghurt dip.

3. Add the egg to the courgette and herbs and mix in with a fork. Add the flour and continue to mix until it has formed a batter. You may need to add more flour, it should be thicker than pancake mix. Mine stuck to the prongs of the fork but came loose with a shake, if that’s any indication.

4. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and dollop a pretty level tablespoon of batter in. Flatten with the back of the spoon and shape the edges to form rough circles. Repeat until you run out of space in the pan, with a little gap around each for ease of turning. You may have to do these in batches! Fry on a low heat for a few minutes until golden and crispy on the underside. Using a spatula, turn over and cook on the other side.

5. Repeat until all batter is used, mine made 6 nice sized fritters.

6. Stir the remaining herbs into the natural yoghurt and serve with the fritters. Optional, but so totes amaze. (Irony, irony, honest!)

I also served mine with 50g cous cous at 6p approx (69p for 500g)* and stirred in a generous tablespoon of leftover tagine that was kicking around from Thursdays lunch- which was amazing as a flavour combination and I can totally recommend. In fact I loved it so much, I’m adding a little water to the remaining tagine and freezing it in ice cube trays, to sex up couscous hereafter. Nmmm. (24p portion makes 12 cubes, at 2p each. Sexy couscous = 8 pence. Eek!)

I’ve eaten courgettes for two of my main meals today, what with the courgette, sultana and lemon bread and I still have four of the big green sods left! Mm, thinking cap on. In the meantime…

Make it posh variations:

Add the zest of a grated lemon to the batter as well for added ‘zing!’

Serve with the tagine couscous – well worth it!!

I’m going to throw one in the freezer to see how it fares. I’ll report back!

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

*(Prices calculated at Sainsburys, using the Basics range where available. Costs checked on date of publication against ASDA SmartPrice, Tesco Value, Morrisons Value and Waitrose Essentials. Some variation between major supermarkets but most items widely available at similar price.)

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  1. Fritters look tasty.

    If you cut courgette into long thin ribbons and steam gently, you can use it in place of pasta – just add sauce/seasoning of your choice.

  2. I can confirm that whole courgettes do NOT freeze as I’ve tried it : ) However, bags of grated courgette do freeze and can be added to soups, breads, or tomato sauces etc. This does work.

    Have you tried courgettes in scrambled egg or omelettes? I love it.

    Have you got anywhere that you can put a large plantpot/bag for life to grow your own? Courgettes grow so very easily and a 29p/35p pack of seed from Lidl or Wilkinsons would give you far more courgettes than you bought in Sainsburys. even from just one plant…

  3. I tried these courgette & mint fritters tonight. Very quick to make and delicious. They’re also surprisingly filling, so I’ll be making ‘em again.

  4. Hey, Jack, I found your website as a friend emailed me a link to the Guardian article about you. I am so happy to have discovered your blog! I am a (gay) single mum of two (ages 3 & 1) and, thankfully, have never found myself in the terrible state of poverty that you describe. However, we don’t have that much money to spend on food – the total budget is £40 per week for food, but that is also our “going out” and “clothing/haircut” budget so if we have a trip to the park with a couple of ice-creams (or equivalent) and a trip to the swimming pool, our budget can easily become £30 for food. Less if there’s a birthday party to go to and a present needing bought etc. This weekend, I’ve made your mandarin/poppyseed loaf (all gone already!), your chilli (I loved it, children abit less keen – less onion next time, I only used a tiny bit of chilli) and these fantastic fritters. I made double the quantity of the fritters as I tend to get very peckish as still breastfeeding (!) and used “egg substitute” from health food store as youngest is allergic to dairy and eggs (can be tricky; substitute milk alone uses a large portion of our weekly food budget as he’s now on oatmilk rather than the prescription-based dairy-free formula to top-up breastmilk). We enjoyed some of the fritters cold in the park, and the rest warmed up tonight with the remainders of yesterday’s chilli reheated. I think you’re doing an amazing job being so creative and inventive with food and can’t wait to try out more of your recipes. Also, if you ever want a holiday with your wee man (as I know holidays can be hard to come by when broke) do come to Belfast where we live, can put you up in spare room or in a friend’s house!

  5. Amazing recipe….made these fritters this evening and absolutely loved them. Thank you for sharing this recipe on such an amazing and inspiring blog.

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